Saturday, November 26, 2016

A job worth doing - postscript

So, I left the cratch cover hanging over the airers, almost dry. I went out, and didn't see Grace until later when we met up with the kids at a rather nice Italian restaurant. Part way through the rather nice meal, Grace turned to me and said "I have some bad news."

Of course, one's imagination conjures up all sorts of possibilities in response to that.

"The cover's nowhere close to being waterproofed." She'd tested it before she left the house.

Is that all?

OK, so we're out of proofing fluid, and it'll take a few days for it to be delivered. I could think of worse things. I just had, in fact!

Back at the house at nearly midnight, Grace gets on to Amazon, to order more proofer. Next day delivery is free if we sign up for a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime. So we do. We'll catch up with some films and stuff we've missed.

As I type, Grace has discovered that delivery is imminent. So guess what we're going to be doing this afternoon! We're very thankful that the weather's so good today!

Fun, fun, fun!

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