Friday, November 25, 2016

A job worth doing

And we so wish we'd done it last winter. I'm talking about cleaning and re-proofing the cratch cover. It's only two years old.

At the end of last year, it seemed to be clean inside and out. By the end of October this year, there were light mould spots on the inside, and dirt outside. We bought pukka stuff to do the job with,
and the job didn't take as long as we thought it might. We had to come back to our house to do it. There was nowhere on the marina where we could spread the cover out, so our front drive had to suffice. A lot of dirt washed off, but there are stubborn stains which remain, and that's annoying. So I expect this is a job that need to be done annually if we're to keep the cover clean and in best condition. Renovo recommend re-proofing every six months! That makes me wonder whether we might be able to get a better fluid for the job. I've used Fabsil previously, but can't say I was that impressed.

Anyway, the cover's hanging over three airers in the living-room here in the house, and we'll see how it looks tomorrow, when it should be totally dry. We'll take it back to Kantara then, and re-fit it. We've been lucky that the weather over the boat's been dry. Our well-deck's not really made for getting wet - water would get into the lockers - so we draped a tarpaulin over it, just in case.

We'll probably find ducks have taken up residence underneath!

It's Naomi's 37th birthday today, so we're having a celebratory family meal out tonight. But we're back to the boat tomorrow.

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