Saturday, November 12, 2016

One to watch!

I have several times now promoted the "Cruising the Cut" vlog 
"a video 'blog by a man who's decided to sell up, quit his job, and buy a narrow boat then go cruising around the wonderful canal network of the UK."
But I've only just recently discovered Gongoozler TV, and this is a great one to watch if you're a would-be narrowboat owner at any part of the journey towards having your own craft.
"Follow my journey as I strive towards living on a narrowboat full-time on the canals of the UK. It's my retirement dream, and whilst not there yet, it's where I'm headed. My blogs and vlogs will follow as I decide on the narrowboat to buy, have the shell built and convert it to my very own live live-aboard. Exploring such wonders as on-board toilets and the best heating systems for use on a narrowboat. I can't afford to get this wrong, so no stone will be left unturned. Its going to be a long journey, so I hope you follow along and get to know who I really am. Buying narrowboat and living in a small space off grid is an emotional journey as well as a financial one. Hopefully one day soon you will be following me as I travel the inland waterways of the UK canal system."

Nick's very personable, relaxed style makes listening very easy. The content is always interesting, and the video production is excellent quality. The vlogs tell his story in a clear, logical manner, and I've found myself really closely involved in it as it has been unravelled over the months - though I've been in catch-up mode for a week or so, and not following in real time yet.

Do give it a try! I think you'll agree it makes very good viewing.

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