Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Spring cleaning?

The good weather has encouraged us to do some spring-cleaning. OK, so it's autumn, but it sure feels like spring-cleaning we're doing. Washing, cleaning, repairing. Grace is sanding down the inside window-frames, and re-staining and varnishing them. I've washed and waxed both sides of the boat, with only the very front and back left to do. It's all in preparation for next year, done before winter sets in. Come spring, there'll be no time for it. We'll be off on the cut!

Moving into Emma-Jane's berth gave me easy access to the starboard side.
 It didn't take long to produce a mirror-like shine.
Like last year, I used the carnauba wax that came as part of the clean, care and touch-up kit John Barnard gave us when he repainted Kantara. 
It's best applied, very thinly, by hand, and buffed with a soft cloth before the wax can dry. And it leaves an amazing shine on the boat, and gives me clean, soft hands!

The whole job uses very little wax. You only need apply it once each year, so this one small pot's going to last me at least another four years, I should think.

The Arrens from NB Cream Cracker next-door - Karen and Darren - went to Stowe Gardens on Sunday, and loved it. Then Stowe appeared on TV Monday night. Today, we're going there. Today's weather is set to be the best of the week, so blow the work! That can wait!
photo - National Trust


  1. So satisfying to have your barge looking so shiny and fresh! You deserve the day off :)