Monday, October 24, 2016

Going to the seaside!

I've always loved the sea. The broad horizon, the huge sky, the waves heaving such weight and power. The gulls boasting noisily, riding the wind or the waves. And the beaches, sand, shingle or stone. Preferably empty of people, save myself and those close to me. And in any weather, for the sea has so many characters, and each is related to the weather.

Well, I'm not going to the seaside tomorrow. Grace and I are going to spend a week with Grace's sister Christine and her husband Michael. They live in Torquay, so there's more than a small chance that we'll spend some time by the sea, and I'm going to enjoy that. But we've not seen them for a couple of years, so we have some catching up to do. They've spent a couple of years trying to move house, and that's prevented them from cruising with us as they had in the past. But now they're finally moved, and we're going to see their new home.

We came back to our house on Wednesday. Thursday was Steve's birthday, and Naomi cooked us all an excellent supper. I have to confess to having been rather loose-endy for the days since. Frankly, I find the house rather overwhelming after the boat, and I'm looking forward to being back aboard. But until then, Torquay will be fun, I'm sure.

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