Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sight-seeing, and what sights they were!!

Michelle arrived at the boat around midday on Thursday, after a number of problems and postponements, the latest of which had almost been a total cancellation because of Grace's cold. But the cold was abating quite fast, Grace was well enough to enjoy some days out, and we all enjoyed three days of sight-seeing and games-playing.

We ate at The Moorings in Crick on Thursday, always a good choice, then returned to the boat for chat and games.

On Friday, the clear, blue skies called us out to Baddesley Clinton, a NT house Grace and I know well, but new to Michelle.

Saturday's weather was dull and drizzly, but we drove out to the NT's Canon's Ashby. Michelle had loved Baddesley Clinton, so we reckoned this old house would please, too.

And please, it did! After supper, Michelle drove home. Her stay with us had been a day shorter than anticipated, but a really good time was had by all!

Today, the sun's out again, and the marina's busy. Lovely!


  1. That autumn sunshine always makes everything look so golden and lovely, doesn't it? Do you have special passes for NT properties? There seem to be so many. It must be marvellous to go and visit them.

  2. Yes, Val. We've been NT members for over 30 years now, and that gets us into properties free of charge. We've had many wonderful days out in all seasons. And we were very lucky to get the sunshine on that glorious, colourful day at Baddesley!