Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Biding our time busily

'Winter's behaving like an angry relative who keeps storming out of the room and then rushes back in shouting "And another thing!"' quotes Val Poore in her blog. I love it. It sums up the situation perfectly. So we, like Val, continue to be off our boat, doing very landlubbery things.

We returned from Kantara as The Beast was withdrawing its assault. The marina water was thawed, the pontoon taps were working well. All was back to normal, though that didn't stop us from winterizing again, just in case. We left earlier than anticipated, Thursday 8th March. Jess had an early hospital appointment on the Friday, having spent a long afternoon and evening on Tuesday and most of  Wednesday being observed, prodded and poked and tested in the hope of finding the cause of bad abdominal pains. Steve had been her chauffeur, and missed work for the privilege, so it was time for us to lend a hand, and we took her back on the Friday for the completed test results, the outcome of which was a referral to a specialist. In seven weeks' time.

It's been useful to be back in St Albans. We both went to the doctor's for annual MoT checks, I thought I'd broken a filling, and had two dentist appointments, and we went to the beautiful Odyssey cinema to see "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri". Did I tell you we'd seen "The Shape of Water" there a few weeks ago, and "Paddington 2" back in January? Brilliant films, all of them!

Last weekend, we attended a retreat in Crowhurst, Sussex, with a crowd from our church.

After an eye-check, an NHS blood-letting (they couldn't get enough out of me the last time, nor could a GP nurse) the two-day launch of The Company of Players' fabulous album, and then Easter, we're off to a slightly breezy Skegness for Spring Harvest. Except it won't be very springy.

It's very likely that we'll go straight back to Kantara from Skeggy. That'll be in the second week of April. We've never before left it as late as that. 

And what will the weather bring? Will the Beasts have retired? Will we be able to cruise?

"Oh! And another thing!"


  1. Haha, thank you for the mention, Roger! The beast has retired for the moment here and we had a lovely walk along the waterways in Belgium today planning our first excursion. The MoT tests you’re having won’t be time wasted and I hope Jessie finds out what the problem is. Happy return to Kantara soon and let’s hope the beast has burnt out his anger for this year :)

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying a proper spring now, Val. IF the Beast and her offspring leave us all alone now, there's some hope for a bit of travel for us all! Fingers crossed!