Sunday, August 20, 2017


I told buyers of "Hints and tips..." that I would notify them on social media whenever I post updates on the Addendum blog. So this is the first notification! There are two additions to Chapter 3 - At the helm. The link to the blog is at the bottom of the table of contents.


Amazon have now confirmed that all previous buyers of "Life with our feet under water" and "Hints and tips..." have been emailed with a link that will give them access to a free upload of the new editions of the books.

In the case of "Life with our feet under water" that's primarily because the book has a new and vastly improved photo gallery, so all of the links have been changed. Also, the body of the book has undergone some revision. (And it has a much better cover than before!)

In the case of "Hints and tips..." a number of web links, particularly in Chapter 1, had broken (the pages had been taken down), and these have now been replaced with live links. Furthermore, the table of contents now has a link to the Addendum blog, where any further such changes - and new hints and tips - will be made available to readers past, present and future.




  1. Hi Roger, I've just been catching up with your posts! What a shame about your links and well done for getting everything sorted. I'm amazed Amazon is letting people download it again for free! By the way, I hope Flickr doesn't do that to mine. I'm also sorry to hear you've not been faring much. We've been very lucky with our two month stint. It's been very windy, but luckily not too wet. I hope you get out come into their own on the move, don't they?

  2. Ah well, stuff happens, Val. We're expecting next year to be much more normal! I've enjoyed following you two on your long cruise, and envied you every day! I expect you're planning the next already,