Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Not much to say!

Of course, now that the weather's a bit better, we've decided to do things other than cruising. Grace has embarked on a sewing project for Kantara which requires more table/floor space that is available on the boat, so we're back at the house now. We expect to return to the boat by Friday at the latest, though, and we will be out then for a couple of weeks or so, touching up the paintwork and trying to burn off the last of the oil and diesel mix that got into the exhaust pipe during our final cruise of last year. Ideally, we'll need the emissions to be much cleaner before we go through any locks, because the smoke's too much for Grace when she's at the bottom of a lock and the exhaust can't escape.

Because I have so little to say, for a change, these are my favourite recent views from our mooring at Yelvertoft.

And this piece of modern art comes courtesy of Facebook!

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