Monday, December 19, 2016

A filler

Well, since this blog's supposed to be my record of events for my own benefit (anyone else out there of a certain age will understand) I'd better not leave any gaps. Though it has to be said that this post has happened more because I simply enjoy writing than because it's rivetingly interesting!

Last Thursday was our 43rd Wedding Anniversary. We're wrenched from our slumbers at 7:00am by a loud mechanical sound very much like a very unhealthy pump of some kind? Our water pump?? If so, why??? Or our battery charger, perhaps. The dehumidifier! Grace and I jump out of bed to investigate the several internal possibilities. My head's in the electrics cupboard when Grace calls out, "No, it's coming from outside." I pull on some clothing, and step out onto the pontoon.

It's very dark, and it's hard to see anything, but there's a man with a lorry at the diesel pump. Neither lorry nor diesel pump should be making that noise! But hang on, he's holding the fuel hose nozzle. Putting red diesel into his lorry? Stealing it? The office is closed, so it's possible. Or am I mistaken, and he's filling the tank that supplies the pump? I can't see, and I'm freezing bits off. But then the noise stops, there's silence, and a stillness returns to the marina. I retire back into the warmth of the boat and our bed. An hour and a half later, it starts up again. At least we're awake now.

We ignore it, and carry on with the crossword and our Anniversary.

Cruising the Cut's latest vlog, cleverly entitled "Yule Vlogs", is mostly a very generous look at other boaters' vlogs, but in the final minutes he promotes "Hints and tips for life with your feet under water" for me. I'm chuffed. His recommendation is enthusiastic and unequivocal, and sales of the book increased significantly over the next several days.

I told the Twittersphere that it was our anniversary,

and I was amazed and delighted at the huge response of likes, retweets and replies. My tweet got copied to Facebook, as well, and the same thing happened there. Grace particularly loved this tweet...

So, filler post complete, I'll take my lovely young wife shopping now! Christmas looms.


  1. Happy anniversary indeed to you both, but.....did you ever find out what it was with the lorry and the diesel pump?? I'm so curious to know now!

  2. Thanks, Val! :-D No, we didn't get to the bottom of that. No-one knew a thing about it. Some suggested I was dreaming!