Saturday, August 12, 2017

It gives me great pleasure

Yesterday evening, with excitement and some trepidation, I published my third boaty book on Amazon Kindle.

I'm really pleased with it. Somehow, one copy was sold overnight, several hours before I started to promote it on social media! It'd been hard work, but I love writing, working with words and ideas - and working with the photos I've taken so many of! The photo gallery that goes with this book - there are links to it throughout the text - is hosted on Blogspot, like this blog, and it works really well.

Having discovered that, I set about righting a wrong that happened with my first book,"Life with our feet under water". I used Flickr for the photo gallery for that, only to find shortly after publication that readers were presented with adverts randomly throughout their visits. I tried two other platforms for the photos, but failed to find anything better. But then came my idea about Blogspot.

So I  moved all of the photos for that book onto the new platform, and yesterday I republished the book with the new links. Kindle should be emailing all past buyers of the 1st edition, inviting them to download the new version for free. I'm very happy about that.

Then, feeling really inspired, I cast a critical eye over "Hints and Tips".

And I found, to my horror, that a number of the web-links in that book were broken, and these links are a very important factor in the content. A number of web pages had simply been removed. I was more than a little annoyed that I hadn't seen that coming. OK, it wasn't too big a problem to put right. I simply found new pages that served the purpose, and replaced the duff links with new ones. (Those of you who've bought the book will know what I'm talking about. Those who haven't should buy the book! 😀 )

But what could I do to stop this happening again? Nothing!

And what could I do to prevent having to keep re-publishing, every time I found a broken URL? And also...

I'd added a couple of new hints/tips to this 2nd edition. What with those and the correction of the several broken links, Kindle would surely see fit to advise previous customers and let them download the new version. But what would I do when I came up with a new hint or tip (what's the difference between them?)?


I created another new "blog". This one will be used to post all future corrections of broken links, and all new content. There's a link to this "Addendum Blog" in the new edition of the book, and readers are encouraged to check it every now and then to see what's new.  And also I'll announce updates in this blog, as well as on Twitter and FB.

So, dear readers, it gives me great pleasure to introduce/reintroduce you to these three books. They're all for sale on Amazon, and can be read on PCs, tablets and phones as well as Kindle e-readers.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed producing them!

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