Saturday, May 20, 2017

A strange cruise

Will any of you boating readers be tootling along the summit of the GU Leicester Line in the next few weeks? If you are, keep an eye out for Kantara, please. Give us a wave, stop and have a cuppa with us, cheer, jeer, whatever takes your fancy! The thing is, we're going to be doing a cruise between Watford and Foxton locks, and we're going to be doing it several times while Grace is adding her artwork to the side of the boat. The summit is 27 miles of lockless, lovely canal. Our trip will be a matter of driving to a good mooring, doing some painting, moving on to another decent mooring, carrying on painting and so on until the job's complete.

Having spent some time practising her traditional roses and castles - and doing a pretty good job of it, though she will never admit to that - Grace has come up with a style that we've never seen on narrowboats. Some will dislike it simply because it's not traditional, some will love it simply because it is, but it'll certainly catch people's eyes and prompt comment.

No photos until it's on the boat, but just a clue... glass.

Of course, if you stop for a chat and a coffee, you'll see it in progress, and you can tell us what you think!


  1. Hooray, can't wait to see what the rear panels look like without the white spot on our return. I am sure it will look splendid.