Sunday, May 21, 2017

A musical feast!

So, when I checked Google Maps to see how long it would take use to drive to Guildford, it said 57 minutes. OK, thought I, it's mainly down the M25, and you know what the M25 can be like, so we'll give it two hours. Just in case.

And the case was that the M25 was the road to hell, and the A3 was just as bad because the M25 exit onto the M3 was closed.

The annual Trinity Folk Festival at St Mary's Church in Guildford started at 1:00 pm. We left the house at 10:30 am. Jess was with Grace and me. Said the Maiden were to perform on the main stage at 3:30, but she needed to be there well in advance of that. We finally arrived outside the venue at 1:30, dropped Jess off and carried on to the nearest car park.
It was full, and cars were leaving that had driven around, looking in vain for a space. We had no choice but to drive around, too, and we did this for no less than half an hour. Space found and claimed, we hurried back to the church just as the first band finished their set - Kim Lowings and the Greenwood, whom we had been very keen to see. Already somewhat peeved by the traffic and the car park, we were a tad annoyed to have missed them, but consoled by the fact that there were still five top groups to perform. So we relaxed, ate a quick sandwich, swallowed a speedy drink, and settled down to enjoy the rest of the festival.
And it was truly a superb line-up. The Maidens were the only group we'd heard live before (many times), and they were outstanding yet again. But so were the others, too, and the whole programme was thoroughly enjoyable. Watch and listen to them yourself, and see what you think.

The journey back after a very full, very fabulous eight hours, took us 45 minutes.


  1. It sounds and looks as if it was a lovely event, but as with such things, very popular too...hence your car parking frustration! I'll come back for the videos later!

  2. Oh yes, make sure you play the videos!! The car park was being used by myriad shoppers doing the Saturday afternoon thing. We were glad we were NOT! :-D