Monday, July 06, 2015

Our week with Michelle - part 5

We met up with Val and Stuart on NB Bud as we moved back down through the locks, speeding our journey, and giving us good company along the way. We finally parted company with them at Leighton Buzzard, where we shopped briefly again.
We didn't see Marge herself

Passing G Dad's Collectables on our way out, on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, we promised ourselves we'd stop on the way back. This we did, mooring up right by the shop with less than fifteen minutes to go before they closed. We hurried in, frustrated by the shortage of time, then smiled broadly when we read the sign which told us that that day, Friday, they were open until 8:00pm.
Two storeys of smaller items...
and a warehouse full of vintage furniture, which we didn't get to visit.
It's a wonderful place, so full of all sorts of ephemera that it would take far more time to see it all than we had to spend. More than an hour later we went back to the boat, took her across the canal and moored her there, vowing to return to G Dad's the next day.

And return, we did, coming away each of us with things of beauty, fascination, interest. We'd left ourselves no time to look at the furniture shop, but had no wish to buy furniture anyway. Grace and I may well return by car one day.

And soon it's Saturday, and we're making our way up the Stoke Bruerne flight.

We moored above the fifth lock, between 16 and 15, a really good spot we'd not used before.

Next to us, there was a wildlife nature reserve that we'd not ever noticed before. Michelle took her friends in for their last photo-shoot. It's a lovely place to wander. We didn't see any wildlife that evening, just a few young cows who were nervous but certainly not wild.

Well, it might have been wild once
On Sunday morning, we ascended the two remaining locks and moored. Michelle treated us to an excellent, leisurely lunch at The Navigation Inn, and left for home shortly afterwards. It had been a very enjoyable week.

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