Saturday, February 02, 2019

Out and about

While returning to Kantara is still only a vague plan (that is, we'll do it some time, dependent upon circumstances) I fill my time with as much leisure as possible whilst avoiding any kind of work like I'd avoid a rabid Dobermann.

The only work I've done - and thoroughly enjoyed - since my last post was helping to complete the Incredible Edible project we almost finished last week. After which there was an hour's tidying-up to do at their first, much smaller site. The loft cries out for more attention, but I ignore it. It can wait until next winter.

There was also work being done by someone else that required my presence and attention, viz. the installation of thermostatic radiator valves. What a difference they make! Why did we not get them decades ago?

Despite the snow and ice, which hasn't been particularly bad here, we drove out to Dunstable Downs a couple of days ago. Even though it's only a short journey away, it's a place we haven't visited for many years. The wind gnawed at our faces, so we didn't stay out for long. Much more tempting was the café, the cappuccino and the jacket potatoes with cheesy beans, and the glass wall gave us fabulous views while we enjoyed those.

A few days before that, we'd visited a couple of places even closer to us than Dunstable. We'd never been to either before, and we knew that the full enjoyment of both of them depended upon it being summer. And it's not. But in both cases it was a matter of giving them a reccy to determine if we wanted to go back when everything's in full leaf and flower. We do, and we shall.

First of all the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral.

This lovely mini-park was created as a memorial.
Born in 1898, Edmund Blyth served in the infantry in World War I and suffered the loss of dear friends Arthur Bailey and John Bennett, who died in the March retreat of 1918. He wanted to create a lasting legacy for his comrades-in-arms who were no longer with him. From 1930-1939, with the help of just one man, Albert Bransom (1872-1940), Mr Blyth began planting.
Next came the Stockwood Discovery Centre.

Not only did we discover lovely gardens that'll look even better in the other three seasons, but also a fabulous collection of ancient horse-drawn carriages.

And a few early motor-vehicles, too.

Notice the Roses and Castles on the side of this travellers' lorry.

I can't finish this post without mentioning the official launch today of the new line-up of Said the Maiden with Minnie Birch. The response in social media is phenomenal! Enjoy!

As the official Facebook release says,
If you don't already know our new maiden, Minnie Birch go check out her Facebook page or her SoundCloud  She's an incredible and much-admired singer/songwriter from Hertfordshire, a dear friend of ours, and also a member of The Company of Players.
We're really looking forward to seeing them onstage in the autumn!


Notice to my book readers! There's an update to "Chapter 6 – Miscellany" on the Addendum Blog for "Hints and Tips for life with your feet under water".

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