Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It has to be done!

You know what? This painting the boat business can get really quite tedious - but it has to be done. So I did another day yesterday of cleaning, sanding, white-spiriting, priming and painting, while Grace did the equally exciting castle-painting.

Monday was infinitely more exciting. After a morning of the painting routines, we took off up to Welford.

We moored at the wharf up at the end, and walked up to the village for more shopping - I'd been too weighed-down with essentials (bread, milk and wine) to carry more when I went there the other day. With two of us, and the boat so much nearer, we stocked up more completely this time.

Then we moved up to the tap and filled our water-tank, and disposed of disposables.

And returned to where we'd come from!

Back to the grind the next day!

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