Friday, February 23, 2018

Where there's a will there's a wait

I was very pleased when I came up with that pun in the writing of "Life with our feet under water". There, Will is a mechanic whose services we employ on a number of occasions. He's good at his job, but never arrives on time. Not even on the right day, at times. So, "Where there's a Will, there's a wait".

Now however, our will is that we should be back on Kantara. But various things have conspired to make us wait, not least Grace's unwellness (she doesn't like to say she's ill), some infection that's given her cold-like symptoms (so perhaps it's a cold!), the worst of which has been face-ache (no unkind jokes there, please). This and a tickly cough have disturbed her sleep, and it's been going on for over a week now.

And then there's been the matter of the Wills (the Last of, and a Testament) that we've been reviewing, and that's incurred delays as well. Funny that - "Where there's a Will..."

However, with Siberian weather apparently on the way (depending which weather forecast you read/watch/hear), we plan now to return to the boat on Sunday. We'll be back here at the house next month for a number of reasons, some of which I'll write about when we get there. But until then, we'll be preparing Kantara for the rest of the year ahead; there's a lot of fairly small jobs to do.
And then there's the job of completing what might turn out to be my first completed novel. I've had two previous attempts at writing fiction in past years, but they've both been shelved. This one, however, is different and I'm really enjoying writing it, and it's progressing well. Whether or not it will be saleable is another matter, but my enjoyment of writing it is my motivator. It has a working title, and even a front cover! Designing that's been fun, too, though, should it ever grace Amazon's shelves, it may well have a different one - maybe a different title, too.

I'll have to wait and see!


  1. It will be good to see you back on Kantara! So even for us, where there’s a will, there’s a wait. Best wishes to Grace and good luck with finishing the novel!

    1. Thanks, Val. I hope you don't have to wait long! It will indeed be good to be back.