Friday, February 02, 2018

Musical update!

How I could forget to mention this in my last post I'll attribute to my flaky memory! Obviously. But I know that a number of you have been waiting for the Company of Players' CD to be released, and it has. It can be found at  and is already selling very well. The official launch of the album will be at the end of March, and is going to be a very special couple of evenings, shared with theatre group OVO who will bring additional drama to the Players' fabulous music. Tickets are available from TicketSource now.

We're so looking forward to it!


  1. Music is becoming a very large factor in your lives now, isn't it? Or maybe it's always been there, but I see more and more posts about your musical family and their world here. Lovely stuff!

    1. Oh yes! Music's been a very big part of our lives since Grace and I first became an item nearly 50 years ago! Music makes the world go around!