Monday, November 06, 2017

All change!

Months ago now, we got back to Kantara after a spell back in St Albans to find that NBs Cream Cracker and Achernar had both absconded to the other side of the marina from us. Some weeks after that, we found that the Arrens (Darren and Karen) on Cream Cracker had moved off her and gone back to their house.

The two berths next to us remained empty for some time, which was great because it gave us more light and a better view from our windows. But then came Lindsey Ann to take Achernar's place, and today The Hodma'dod (Olde Englishe for "snail") closed the remaining gap. In fact, they'd already occupied it for a short time earlier in the year, but disappeared again. They're here now for the winter, and it'll be nice to have some liveaboard neighbours again.  Ed and Jan in Emma Jane on our other side only visit EJ occasionally. Good as it's been to have the space around us, we've felt rather lonely. Awww!

Other changes involve Carol on Jimsonweed moving back onto land, taking Frank and Millie with her. They'll all be missed.

(unlike these two, Carol's camera-shy!)

Having washed Kantara a while back, I tried today to wax her. The 9° air was far too cold to let the wax spread properly, and the final job, though it's bound to be water-protective, doesn't look too brilliant. Come the warmer weather next year (fingers crossed for that), I'll give it all the buffing it needs to restore the gleam it ought to have.


  1. Is the move back to land permanent or jusr for the winter? Lovely photos!

  2. Carol's back for the foreseeable future, but she and husband Stuart are keeping their boat. The pets are lovely, aren't they? :-)