Tuesday, September 05, 2017

So we took the boat out for a jolly...

Just a short one, about an hour's jaunt to Crick Marina and back.

The sole purpose of that was to see if the guys had fixed the water-heating problem yesterday. They hadn't, so we'll have to rely on the gas boiler to heat our water while we're out next week. Meanwhile, I've posted the problem in the Canal World Discussion Forum, and we'll see if anyone else can suggest a solution.

We were back at the house over the weekend, mainly to collect various items needed for our cruise, and clothes for the approaching winter. While we were there, Steve played us the tracks for Said the Maiden's upcoming new album "Here's a health". He's not entirely finished engineering it, but three tracks will be going out to radio stations very soon, and the official album launch will be on November 1st at The Water Rats in London's Kings Cross - a prestigious venue! Their promotional 22-venue UK tour has already started, though. Is there a gig near you?

If you don't already know this fabulous trio, there's a wealth of videos on YouTube spanning five years of gigs. And this is the video they made to accompany the release of their last EP.

Ah! I have a reply on the forum already! Please excuse me! (Fingers crossed!)


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