Sunday, July 23, 2017

Home from home?

Ever since moving onto Kantara, I've looked upon the house as being our home from home ("a place where one is as happy, relaxed, or comfortable as in one's own home" - Oxford Dictionary) although the longer we were on the boat, the more I found Kantara to be the most comfortable. But the way this year's been going, I've been feeling that I'm homeless, bouncing between the boat and the house the way we have been, without any sense of being settled.

Last Thursday was the start of our second consecutive week in St Albans, and we're here until at least Friday of this week. Looking after the garden and Naomi and Eddie's cat, Samson, while they were on holiday has been simple enough, and we were glad to do it. I love being in the garden, so watering, weeding and eating some of the produce was great.

It's my numptiness, which resulted in us having various routine appointments this week instead of last week, that has delayed our return to the boat for the additional week. What we do once we're back is undecided. I think we're beyond the idea of planning anything. What we do know is that Roy and Lee will be with us on Monday to replace the perished engine hoses that the CRT man identified... whenever that was; time at the moment is even more elusive than normal. We know that painting has to be done on the boat. We know that Christine, Mike and Dorothy will be joining us on September 9th for a couple of weeks of faring. I know I have to finish my second "Feet" book. Soon.

Apart from that, don't ask me!

It was good to get out of the house yesterday, and get a bit of a break. We visited the boat, and spent a mere ten minutes aboard while we collected a bunch of things that would make the coming week a bit more productive. We then drove to Claydon, in Bucks, a National Trust property we'd not seen before, then, after a few hours there, on to Goring in Oxforshire, to pick up Jess after an afternoon gig there. The driving in itself was really pleasant, the journeys largely very rural,

I won't go into the details of Grace's laptop computer dying on her last week, and the very-near-loss of all of her files. If I did, you'd think we were feeling sorry for ourselves! (Only a bit, honest!)

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