Friday, June 23, 2017

Hot stuff

We came back to Kantara on a sweltering hot day. And there was the normal Yelvertoft wind, but now an abnormally hot one.
We were expecting, hoping for a thunderstorm to break the oppressive heat, but it didn't come, though it did threaten for a couple of days. Grace and I hadn't been sleeping as well as we would have liked, and a few weeks ago we started to play a recording of rain and thunder throughout the night. It worked a treat, our sleep improved. Then, a couple of days ago, the storm broke. It wasn't much. There was rain, there was thunder and lightning, but it was at around 7.00 am, and the lightning was nothing in the daylight sky. But it was rain and thunder...

When we woke up again, we launched into a list of  "things we have to do before we cruise". Most of these have been completed, and we start out next Wednesday.

We leave Kantara again later today, to stay overnight with Christine and Mike in Torquay, and then to go to Dorothy's birthday party on Saturday. We'll go back to C and M's again that night, then return to the boat on Sunday.

The weather's colder now.  A mere 22 degrees. The summer-weight quilt was put aside on Tuesday night, and we slept under a sheet. We felt chilly last night. But we'd rather the weather as it is now than what it was at the start of the week.

It's just right for faring!

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