Friday, March 17, 2017

"March brings breezes..."

"...loud and shrill"! And the daffodils are most certainly stirred (* see footnote )

I've just been looking back at this blog's posts at the same sort of time in past years.

In 2012, we'd only just returned to Kantara, and it was raining.

In 2013, we were preparing to go to Debdale to have the hull blacked. We went on 18th, and it had snowed the day before.

It snowed very hard on 23rd.

On March 19th 2014, I wrote, "We're going to do just a short trip to Market Harborough next week." But a week later I reported, "Strong, cold wind; rain; very strong, cold wind; heavy rain; sleet; thunder and lightning; more wind – strong. OH! Sunshine! But still the wind! We were expecting to start a week's cruise this week, but the weather outlook is miserable, so it might have to wait. Skies have been amazing, though!"

Monday, March 9th 2015. "Well, I'd like to be able to report that we're halfway to Llangollen, or about to turn onto the River Stort, but the weather's waaaayyyy too hostile for that. The winds just won't let up, and we've had a fair drop of rain, too."

And last year? On March 19th, we started our epic trip down through London and up the Lee and Stort Navigations. And look at that sky!
Today, I'd only go out if I were paid handsomely to do it! The wind is rocking the boat in traditional Yelvertoft Marina fashion, and it's a chill wind, too, driving some very wet rain.

Sarah and Trevor have taken AtLast out for a short trip to meet friends at Welford. I don't envy them, much as I love cruising.

So we're staying put until... I don't know when! We're trying not to make any plans. I'm putting a lot of time into my new book, and really enjoying it. I'm using Blogspot to host the photos for this one, and it's working out so much better than the Flickr gallery I used for the first book that I'm going to move those photos over to Blogspot as soon as I can. That'll mean editing the content of the book and republishing it, and I'll probably do that to coincide with the publication of "Moving home with our feet under water".

Meanwhile, "Hints and tips for life with your feet under water" has had a fantastic review in April's Towpath Talk.
It's been highly recommended by Cruising the Cut and Gongoozler TV, too. Have a taster of it for yourself here on Amazon before committing your paltry £1.99 to buying it!


The Garden Year
by Sara Coleridge (clearly not a patch on her dad)

January brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow.

February brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen lake again.

March brings breezes, loud and shrill,
To stir the dancing daffodil.

April brings the primrose sweet,
Scatters daisies at our feet.

May brings flocks of pretty lambs
Skipping by their fleecy dams.

June brings tulips, lilies, roses,
Fills the children’s hands with posies.

Hot July brings cooling showers,
Apricots, and gillyflowers.

August brings the sheaves of corn,
Then the harvest home is borne.

Warm September brings the fruit;
Sportsmen then begin to shoot.

Fresh October brings the pheasant;
Then to gather nuts is pleasant.

Dull November brings the blast;
Then the leaves are whirling fast.

Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire, and Christmas treat.

(with apologies!)



  1. This is such an excellent post, Roger! I'm so sorry you are marina-bound, but it helps us to remember that March can be much much colder, and that it is also the windy month. The saying 'mad as a March hare' is based on that, I believe. We've been luckier than you this week, but I understand we are going to have rain tomorrow and for a few days. Good luck with your cruising, and yes, I'm going to buy your book now. If an experience boater thinks it's useful, I'm sure I'll find it fascinating....I'll keep it for the day we get to cruise the English canals!

  2. Oh, we are not downhearted! Boating weather is always very mixed anyway, and the day will come in the next few weeks when we'll say "OK, off we go!" You know it well, I'm sure.

    I hope you find "Hints and Tips" useful! :-)