Tuesday, February 28, 2017

To return or not to return...?

It's March 1st tomorrow. Theoretically, we ought to be going back to Kantara. Well, actually we are, but not to stay. We need to collect post from the office, and a few things from the boat, but we'll drive straight back to the house afterwards. The thing is that we're enjoying the greater space of the house, and the opportunity to tidy up Grace's study and various other rooms, cupboards and cabinets whose chaos has been ignored for over five years. She's making herself some clothes, too, and that's not an easy task on the boat. And she's doing the artwork for The Company of Players' debut album. So, what with the very unwelcoming weather as well, we're not yet feeling compelled to move back. It's all very odd, though, because last year we said that we'd make our winter visit to St Albans briefer than in previous years. There's no point in planning, is there!?

We do wish we'd been on board to experience the 60 mph winds Yelvertoft was said to have had on Doris Day. It distressed a lot of boaters - it distressed a lot of people, full stop! - but there's a certain fun to be had when the water's rough. Naomi's just told me that Storm Ewan's on the way now. There seems to be something of a pattern emerging in this new, damaged climate of ours.

I love strolling around the garden here. Or simply looking out the window at it if the weather's rubbish. It's one of the things I miss when we're on Kantara. Naomi took these photos just a few days ago. The flowers at least think that winter's over. We're not so sure any more.

I was thrilled by this review of "Life with our feet under water" the other day. It's posted on amazon.com by an American reader. I keep forgetting that different countries have their own Amazon site. This has to be one of my top three favourite reviews.
He reviewed "Hints and tips..." too.
Short, but very sweet!

I think I've said before that Said the Maiden are releasing their second full album in November, and doing a nationwide tour to promote it. It would seem, though, that Whitby Pavilion think they're hosting an Iron Maiden tribute band!

Now I'll go and look at the weather forecast...

Oh! Storm Ewan's been and gone already! It was the fifth named storm to visit our shores in two months. Aren't we doing well?


  1. As you know, I go up and down between Rotterdam and our crumbly cottage all year. Koos prefers the latter, but as he had to have an op in Rotterdam this week, we both stayed on board. The weather was really horrible, and funnily enough I don't mind it when I'm alone, as I just tuck myself in and batten down the hatches, but with Koos there too, we both felt a bit overcrowded and claustrophobic as everything had to be closed. I brought him back to the cottage yesterday, and he's happy to be back where there's more space and light. I'll be off back to Rotterdam again tomorrow...I suppose I'll have to empty the rowing boat again after all the rain we had yesterday...sigh! What a lovely review that you've posted there! The sort that warms the heart, and the great thing is that it's all true!!

  2. By the way, have you ever read any of Bill and Laurel Cooper's books on boating and barging? I was amazed to find Laurel has joined our FB group, Women on Barges. Bill has died now, but she's still going strong at 88 and is pretty active in the group! Seems that boating keeps you young!

  3. I've not seen their books, Val. I'll look out for them, thanks. :-)