Thursday, February 16, 2017

Repost/update - "Snow good"!

I had to withdraw this post just a matter of hours after posting it. I realised - in the middle of the night, of course. When else would it be? - that it contains a video, and information about a bigger video, that my big (well, older) sister wasn't to know about until the following Thursday. She reads the blog from time to time, and I would have spoiled a surprise for her. The whole video, explained below, is over 30 minutes long, and a great piece of work by nephew Dan.

So, the post that follows is actually dated 11th February. Read on...


On a much happier note than that of my last post (bring out the bugle!), my sister, Jill, celebrated her 70th birthday on Friday, and Grace and I went to join a group of 25 family and friends to honour the occasion in a restaurant near their home. There were great-nephews-and-nieces there whom we hadn't seen since they were toddlers, and one great-niece we'd never even met, so there was a lot of catching up to do. It was a lovely occasion. Jill had been kept in the dark about the event, and had a great surprise when husband Rod brought her into the restaurant. It was a buffet-style Chinese establishment, and the food was really very good.

Jill's youngest son, Dan, had asked lots of Jill's friends and family to make birthday greetings videos, out of which he's going to make a compilation. This was the Distill contribution - including out-takes! It was made at night, in inadequate lighting, so it's rather grainy, so don't watch full-screen! Click HERE to watch.
It was snowing quite heavily as we drove south on the M1 on Friday evening, but stopped very abruptly at Northampton. We were a bit concerned that the trip back to Kantara would involve snow-drifts, and it was even snowing in Bedford when we left the restaurant - we'd been told by the Bedfordians at the "do" that it never snows in Bedford. But all was fine, and the boat was only chilly when we got back, not thick with the white stuff.

The thing is, though, that we'd really love it to snow. Proper snow, inches deep. We think back to March 2013, when we were out on the canal in some very heavy snow, and it was wonderful.

This weekend's been cold and damp. Any attempt at snow has been thwarted by wet ground that won't let it settle. So it's grey, windy, bitingly cold. But that's outside, and we don't have to go outside. It's very comfortable right where we are!


  1. Rather you than me with the snow, Roger. It looks pretty in photos....sort of :) What a wonderful event for your sister's birthday! I haven't watched the video as our connection's slow this evening, but I'm glad it was a lovely celebration for her.

  2. Val, you're a softy!! :-) :-)
    By the way, I've taken to using your word "faring". I like it. I think I'll phase out "cruising", which has always sounded marine to me.
    The video's probably only funny to those who know us face-to-face, but Jill loved it!