Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A whiter shade of surreal?

Grace was tidying her study yesterday, and came across this.

I walk gingerly in the park
where a man with a metal head
eats candle wax.
He gazes up at the iodine sky,
and disappears in a puff of pink.
All that is left is a polystyrene dog
made of cast iron.
Sniffing the air (pungent with
the smell of halibut),
I walk on to better things.

(Steve Distill, aged 11)


  1. Now that is odd, isn't it? But then their lyrics were pretty odd too!

  2. At first, I thought your son had written this, but maybe it's his version of Procol Harum?

    1. Well, he certainly wrote it, but I'm sure he knew Procol Harum, too. He grew up with their LP :-D