Thursday, January 05, 2017

Restless in St Albans

Feeling a bit better, I drove out to the marina on Sunday, with Steve, to install the new frost-guard heater we'd bought. Steve came to help me take the mattress and bed-board up, so that I could check that there had been no freezing of pipes. It's a heavy job in a very confined space. I really didn't expect there would have been any freezing, but it's so easy to imagine all sorts of horrors from a distance, isn't it?

I would have liked to have topped up the electricity meter while I was there, but I didn't have a card, and the office was closed. A quick phone call later in the week got the meter fed. There's a Winter Watch service in operation in the marina, in which participating boats are visited on a regular basis, and their meters checked, and topped up if necessary. I was concerned, however, that the office should know that Kantara was now using electricity faster than before, and should not delay their next check.

Grace was feeling much better by Wednesday, and got out of bed for the first time for days. It had been a long haul for her. Neither of us us is fully recovered even now, though, and we both lack energy and drive. I did manage to get out and do some serious food shopping, however. We'd not been eating much, but our stocks were nonetheless depleted.

It's cold outside, It was another frosty night last night. But the beautiful, clear blue sky makes me wish we were out on the cut again. I envy those who post their wonderful boating photos on Twitter. I'm itching to get back to Kantara again, but there's a bundle of things we want to get done here in the house just as soon as we're feeling up to it, so there's no point in me getting restless.

Like I can stop it!!


  1. Shame, Roger! I didn't realise you'd been so poorly! All good wishes to Grace for a speedy recovery! I know what you mean about wanting to get back out again. I'm still on the Vereeniging every week, but having just finished my travelogue, I'm getting hankerings to go faring again!

    1. Thanks, Val. We're not really used to being ill, so I think it's hit us badly psychologically. We're well on the mend now though. The call of the cut is very strong isn't it? Happy faring! I look forward to reading your book :-D