Sunday, January 01, 2017

Me and flu and 2017

Grace and I didn't stay up to welcome in the New Year last night. We were due to have friends round for the evening, but they, like us, are suffering from colds or flu. So it was a quiet evening watching "A Little Chaos" - highly recommended! - followed by another night of coughing and spluttering. I guess that's why I'm up, typing up this blog, while the rest of the world around me is still fast asleep.

To you all...
I've never really been interested in New Year's Resolutions. My thinking is that there's nothing that special about the start of a new year that means I can't resolve to do things on any other day. A new year starts every day, anyway. In fact...
And I share Swedish Canary's sentiments about the matter, too.
Nonetheless, peering out from two weeks of seasonal eating and drinking, too much sitting still, too little exercise, and flu, I'm thinking I need to get back into my previous exercise routine. I actually brought the exercise bike back from the boat. I've used it once in two weeks. And I've also stopped doing daily brain exercises with my NeuroNation app, which I've found definitely sharpens up my thinking in a number of ways. I can guarantee that my scores will be lower than before I stopped. It's a bit depressing really! So, overall improved fitness - at least a return to previous levels - is a worthy goal. And realistic, Mr Canary!

One thing that's new for me in 2017 is that Jess has given me the responsibility of maintaining the blog of The Company of Players. There's not much there at the moment. They're a new group, and they've not gigged much yet (though what they have done has been amazing), but they're set to grow a lot in 2017, with their first album being recorded this week, and a UK tour in the offing.
(video by John Bailey)

Writing their blog's going to be a lot of fun! (though being one of the Company would be even more so!)

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