Monday, December 05, 2016

Go to the gate, and turn left!

It's some days now since NB Emma Jane returned to her home berth next to us, looking very smart indeed after her repaint. She arrived while we were away, and we didn't recognize her when we first saw her. The transformation is amazing. Needless to say, Jan and Ed are delighted.

On the other side of Kantara, Cream Cracker and Achernar have both moved across to the opposite side of the pound from us. Was it something we said? I think it might be that they've moved to a pontoon better suited to their length. There's no point in paying for length you're not occupying, after all.

Things have got even more exciting for Said the Maiden recently. This time last year, they played at the Great British Folk Festival, on the Introducing Stage. There, they won an audience poll for best act, which gave them a place on the Main Stage this year. And that's where they were last Friday evening, playing to an enthusiastic audience of some 2,000 people. And look who they shared the lineup with!

And to that audience they announced their first headline UK tour next November, and the launch of their Christmas single, "Past 3 o'clock", written by them.
Then there's the second album they've started to record, engineered and produced by Steve, for release before the tour. And add to that the recording of the album with The Company of Players in January, and their tour, as well... Exciting times for the Maidens!

Their most recent EP 

Several friends and family members have asked us recently what our cruising plans are for next year, and answer has been, "not to have any plans". Basically, we'll go to the gate and turn left, then see what happens. The left turn gives us the most options. We're going to avoid deadlines, schedules, anything time-critical. There are family and friends who'd like to cruise with us for short spells, and we'll be glad to have them on board, as always. Perhaps we'll see them early in the year, before our major cruising starts. But after them, no plans. Just making it up as we go. We're so looking forward to that!

(Yelvertoft Marina this morning)

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