Friday, November 04, 2016

What a day!

I have a cold. Runny nose, very, very sneezy, couldn't sleep last night, and probably delayed our return to Kantara. I simply don't DO colds. I so rarely have them that this feels much worse to me than it would feel to the veteran of the cold. So I'm really fed up at the moment.

Except that I published my second book on Kindle last night, tweeted about it, made sure Facebook knew about it. And this morning, it was already selling so well that it was right up there with "Life with our feet under water" in the Kindle ratings.

"Hints and tips for life with your feet under water" is a 54-page book full of the numerous hints and tips Grace and I have learned from others since we started our life on Kantara.
"The purpose of this book is to help you increase your enjoyment of your life on a narrowboat. It's a collection of things we've learned, sometimes the hard way, and things we've picked up from others over the past five years. The thrust of our thinking is that, in order to enjoy life on a boat, you need that life to be as simple as possible, and you need to be safe. This book is to help you achieve those things. It’s a book for those who have little experience of boating beyond hiring or borrowing. If there are too many things here you already know, I suggest you're not one of those people!"

I wasn't expecting to write this one. It sort of wrote itself after a couple of fellow tweeps said that they thought there must be loads of small but significant boaty matters for them to learn, but that they didn't know where to find them. There was some anxiety that they might one day suddenly need something - a can of something, say - out in the middle of nowhere, and didn't even know this something existed. This book aims to reduce the chances of that happening.

I started to write a sequel to LWOFUW months ago, but I'm not expecting to complete it for ages. I certainly don't have a deadline for it, though there are kind readers who are encouraging me to get it out quickly. It has a working title of "Moving home with our feet under water". I wonder what that makes people think about the theme.

We were hoping to get back to the boat tomorrow, settle in, restock the fridge and cupboards, then return to Hertfordshire on Sunday to see Said the Maiden perform at Hitchin Folk Club.
photo - Ellie Lucas
We'd return to the house overnight, then drive back to the marina on Monday morning. But it looks now as though we won't be doing it that way. My cold would make me a hazardous passenger, let alone driver. So we're here till Monday. My cold must surely be better by then!

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