Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I guess it's winter now

I sort of envy those who are out on the cut at the moment. The weather's quite spectacular, and every day Twitter is full of photos from these hardy folk, showing sunsets and sunrises and mists and frosts, all against a canally background that we don't have here. Nonetheless, we enjoy some lovely sights. 

 The past two mornings have been frosty. This morning, the marina pound was frozen over.
Our concern now is if it's going to get colder, or warmer as the weather forecast suggests. We came back to the boat on Monday, but we have to go back to St Albans again tomorrow. I have a Friday appointment for AAA screening (abdominal aortic aneurism), a routine test offered by the NHS to all men aged 65. We're hoping that it's not going to be so cold that Kantara needs us to stay to keep her warm. Some snow would be good, but it'd have to get the timing right!

While I've been typing this, the sun's been setting.

The Bubble stove's alight, we're cosy and warm, and now it's wine o'clock!


  1. Lovely, Roger! Yes, the winter is really here, although in NL it's not so cold. Quite a relief for me after Poland, but I think it's been pretty cold in the UK too. Your photos are beautiful! I love those pearly skies!

  2. Thanks, Val. I'm glad you're back out of the cold now! ;-) It's milder here now, but who knows what's in store? Certainly not the forecasters!