Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Heard that before somewhere?

Grace has a cold. Runny nose, very, very sneezy, couldn't sleep last night, but we are now back on Kantara. She simply doesn't DO colds. She so rarely has one that this one feels much worse to her than it would feel to the veteran of the cold. So she's really fed up at the moment.

Heard that before somewhere?

The really annoying thing is that we've had to cancel Michelle's visit, which was to be from tomorrow till Saturday. She'd already said that she wasn't concerned about catching the cold, since all of her co-workers have one, and she's next in line there. But now, the visit's quite out of the question for Grace's sake.

She started to feel unwell on Sunday as we were setting out from Yelvertoft towards Hitchin to see Said the Maiden in performance. She was at least able to enjoy their stunning hour-long set, but come Monday she had descended into that snuffly, blocked up, coughy condition we all loathe.
photo - Ellie Lucas
And this morning it's freezing. I stepped out onto the pontoon late last night, and found it dangerously slippery. It was more so this morning. The Bubble stove seemed to take longer to heat the boat. The gas-fired Alde had a bit of a fit the other night, so I need to test it today, to try to ascertain if there is some problem to be addressed. We'd like to be able to leave it on, on a low setting, throughout the night. Fingers crossed!

Jess is flying out to Iceland again on Thursday, for a long weekend's solitude in a land she loves. She tweeted this morning that it's warmer there today than it is in the UK. We're hoping it'll warm up again here soon. We'd like to take the cratch cover off and clean it, and to do a bit of protective paint touching-up, too, before winter. Looking back over past Novembers' blog posts, we've had those opportunities in past years. Toes crossed, too!
15th November 2014

10th November 2013

Sales of "Hints and tips for life with your feet under water" got off to a good start this week, but I'm thinking that November was probably not the best time to launch it. I'm a bit green in such matters. I'm sure book publishers know such things, but Kindle are happy for you to publish any time you choose, of course. Maybe spring would have been better, when cruising is more in the minds of those so-inclined.

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