Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exeter's a city to see...

and it was the city we visited yesterday.

Centuries ago, passages were dug under the city, to take water in from a spring outside its walls. These were added to over time, resulting in quite a network. We had a guided tour of them. It wasn't the most picturesque tour we've had, needless to say, but it was fascinating.

The cathedral is stunning, with dramatic, vaulted ceilings and ancient, intricate wood carvings, so much history and heritage.

Then today it was time for a long walk through the equally dramatic Devonshire countryside, joined by our niece, Jo, and her three young children. The weather was perfect for an energetic six mile walk, admittedly slowed somewhat to accommodate the diverse interests and diversions of the kids, and we finished the day appropriately zonked.

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