Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Drawn to the water

I'm going to let my photos speak for themselves today. I don't have much time for words.

Christine and Mike took us to a fascinating place this morning. The House of Marbles and Teign Valley Glass works at Bovey Tracey in Devon.
Shops, restaurant, glassworks and museums are a large part of this attraction, but I was there to see the marbles. From the tiniest to the largest I've ever seen. 


And then there was the amazing, huge marble run running automatically over a staircase...

and the smaller versions for sale in the shop.

In the afternoon, Grace and Christine were both feeling unwell, and Mike was hosting his regular slot on the local hospital radio, so I took a walk down to Torquay harbour. I'm not a big fan of yachts of any size, but a harbour full of them is a sight to behold. Add to that the sun, the sea and the sky, and I was in my element!

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