Thursday, September 08, 2016

Atherstone Locks - well, it would have been, had it not been for the rain!

We had intended to leave at around 8:00 this morning, in order to get through the 11 Atherstone Locks before the rain, which had been forecast for midday. The forecasters got it wrong, though, as did we. We failed to wake up on time, and they failed to get the timing right. The midday rain started at 9:00am.

However, we had other things on our mind at the time. There was still diesel fuel leaking from the injectors. And Grace now had concerns about a certain clunkiness in the Morse controller (forward/reverse and speed). Investigating this, I found to my horror that the gear cable from the Morse handle had been resting on the exhaust pipe insulation, and the plastic sheath had started to melt. This had happened to us before, two years ago, resulting in the total seizure of the Morse system. No real harm had been done this time, however. I'd caught it in time, and I clipped the cable up so that it couldn't happen again.

By the time I'd finished, the rain was coming down with some determination, so we decided to stay where we were for the day.
Tomorrow, services, 11 locks, and shopping in Atherstone.

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