Friday, August 05, 2016

Liverpool Thursday and Friday

Thursday and Friday have been quieter days, with nothing pressing us to be done or to be seen. We had food shopping to do, since it'll be quite a few days before we get to any decent shops otherwise. And we "did" the Museum of Liverpool, too, because it's there, and we didn't want to discover after we'd left the city that it really is unmissable.
A pristine 1983 Ford Escort, 163 miles on the clock.


Model of the original design for Liverpool Cathedral

And we had another leisurely walk around the whole docks area.

They're more recognisable in profile than eye-to-eye

Back by the boat, the water was swarming with tiny fish enjoying the sun.

And some of the swans were out for a paddle.

Surprisingly, there are almost as many empty berths in Salthouse Dock than there are moored boats. We're wondering if people have been put off by the Bridgewater Canal license issue.

So, tomorrow we set off early - we have to be at the Mann Island Lock by 8:00 to start our assisted ascent to Lock 9. We'll probably moor at Lock 10 at the end of the day, as we did on the way down. We now have 20 days to get to Pelsall for the IWA Water Festival, but there's a stoppage at the lift-bridge this side of Pennington Flash which may cause us problems. We shall see!

Farewell, Liverpool. It's been good to know you!

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