Wednesday, August 24, 2016

And so we wait

9:30 Ian phoned, the guy contracted by RCR to fix Kantara. He should be with us today, he said, though possibly quite late. Meanwhile, would we go to
BCBM Boat Share Ltd in Audlem village to collect the lift pump which is being delivered there, for him to collect? He's not sure he'll get there before they close.

I have to confess my anxiety about the boat. Sam did say that the fault might be with another component, and the he was simply going with the cheapest one first. So Ian may well fit the lift pump, and then find that the problem's still there, and have to order another part. And there's still the possibility that damage has been done because the lubricating oil became so badly diluted with diesel. This could turn out to be very costly.

We walked into Audlem and collected the parcel from BCBM, sent directly by Barrus, the makers of our engine. It felt very light for around £50's worth of pump! We did some more shopping at the Co-Op while we were there - who knows how long we're going to be stranded here? - and returned to Kantara for a day of reading, writing and card games.

The batteries are running low. We can't run the engine to charge them, obviously, and our solar panels can make very little of the heavily-clouded sky. In the evening, there's no TV or DVD-watching, and no use of our laptops, so it's Scrabble, Skip-Bo and RummiKub under the light of two LCD lamps.

We share one LCD lamp when we read in bed. Energy has to be saved for the fridge and the water pump.

Oh, and our water's not going to last forever.

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