Friday, July 15, 2016

Wheelock and a Double Decker

Wednesday, the start of our third week of this cruise. Another day of locks. Fourteen of them in fact, over just 2½ miles of canal. Mostly paired, as yesterday's. Some single, and some of those single only because the other one is in a state of disrepair. Paired locks seem to increase your chances of finding a lock already set to your advantage. Full, in our case today, ready for us to descend.

We arrived at Wheelock in time for lunch, and moored just beyond the road bridge, 154. I'd arranged at the start of the day for Ed Shiers to meet us here, to install the modified regulator to the alternator to he fitted a few weeks ago, and to check and adjust if necessary the new belt. He arrived mid-afternoon, and did the job quickly and efficiently. As last time we saw him, he also gave us a host of little bits of very useful information which other engineers had failed to give. Once again, we heartily recommend Ed for work on boat engines.

I'm writing this sitting on the well-deck, under a bright, hot sun, with an excellent cup of coffee (we're abstaining from alcohol at the moment) and a Double Decker. If I think about it, there's road noise and the sounds of a more distant railway. It's easy not to think about it, though, and it all goes away.

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