Saturday, June 04, 2016

YouTube videos

If you want to watch a really good vlog, then you'll visit Cruising the Cut, or maybe A Sort of Interesting Life. But I wasn't trying to emulate them when I stuck my dashcam on Kantara's cratch window on the first day of our latest cruise, and recorded the first day's activities from the boat's point of view. I simply did it because I could, and to see if I could do anything interesting with the resulting video footage. (Do you still call it "footage" in this digital age??)

And the result was simply some key moments of that first day, speeded up, which I thought might be of interest to those who are interested! They're far from perfect. They're short and simple.

Like me.

The videos are displayed here in reverse order - "Leaving Yelvertoft" comes first. Obviously.

And you can see them HERE. Enjoy!


  1. Aha, I shall have to make time to watch these! I like chirpy Dan, the sort of man! I read his first book and thought then what a plucky guy he was. I've watched a few of his videos too, and I think he's done a great job. Now I'll have to see what Roger, the sort of barger, can do with a film camera :)

  2. There's no comparison, Val. These other two guys are pretty professional. I'm very amateur! But I do have a few other videos planned for the rest of the year. Annoyingly left the dashcam in the car when we went to Foxton Locks Monday. I want to add those to my little collection.