Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wouldn't it be nice if boats had gardens?

We used to have troughs of flowers on the roof of Kantara. Tomatoes, too. But they really messed up the paintwork, and got in the way of Grace's view from the stern when we were on the move, so we stopped. Back at the house, however, there's nothing to stop Naomi from creating a fabulous garden, which is going to be open to the public on 21st August as part of an Open Food Gardens project by Transition St Albans
And this is Naomi's garden...

I miss this on the boat!


  1. Beautiful, Roger! I love gardening too. Your daughter (is it your daughter?) has magic green fingers!

    1. Thanks, Val. Yes, Naomi's our eldest, and she really has a way with growing things! As well as "our" garden, she has an allotment where she and husband Ed grow veg, and she's a driving force on a local community organic allotment, too. Oh, and she does gardening professionally, too. Busy, busy, busy!