Saturday, June 18, 2016

Without apology...

I've not posted on the blog for a week now. Doesn't time fly? There's not been much to write about, really, even as an aide memoire for myself in later years. But...

We went to a wonderful wedding last Sunday. A friend of ours, Liz, our sort of age, widowed a couple of years ago and now marrying a man whose first wife died of much the same condition as Liz's first husband. They make a lovely couple.

On Monday, I was due to have the car serviced and MoT'd, but the muppet who took the booking over the phone weeks ago failed to put it in the book! I rebooked for next Monday. We came back to Kantara on Tuesday.

Boaty things... I did an engine oil change, and fitted a new battery to the bowthruster. The old one has been with us from the start, and was beginning to show signs of age, and a bowthruster's not something you want to die on you in the middle of use!

And yesterday, Simon fitted our new inverter and battery protector. We tested them today. Grace vacuum-cleaned the whole boat solely on inverted battery power. Excellent! After she'd finished, she left the cleaner running to get the battery voltage down to the battery protector's cut-out level, but it failed to cut out. No harm done, and we'll probably never drive the batteries that low in real usage, but I've emailed the manufacturers to see what they have to say/do.

I've not promoted my book on Twitter or Facebook for ages, and not on the blog for even longer. But since I'm going to be very busy blogging our next cruise (which starts next weekend), I'm going to plug it again now.

"Life with our feet under water" has been on sale on Kindle for nearly six months now. It's received very good reviews - some readers, of course, a small minority, weren't so enthusiastic! - and has spent almost all of the time in the top 20 in three categories of Amazon's best-sellers lists. It's been number one several times. This was some time last month...

and this is how it stands right now.

(All of the books bounce about a fair bit, jostling with each other for the number one spot.)

So I'm pretty pleased with that, of course. But there are folk out there who've not yet read it, so, if you're one of them, please give it a try. Go to the sale page on Amazon, and read the first three chapters at no cost. Download them onto your Kindle, tablet, phone or PC.

Lots of my readers are now following this blog because of the book. Many came to the book via my Facebook page, or Twitter stream (@NBKantara). It'd be good to have you along, too!

Enjoy the read!

Oh, and if you're into vlogs (video blogs to those who are not into them) and you're interested in narrowboats, then you must visit Cruising the Cut. But more of that another day!

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