Friday, June 10, 2016

A short visit from friends - Wednesday

And so the weather remained. I think the woman on the boat next to us must've been looking at the weather forecast for Chicago. An easy mistake to make.

As I was doing my daily checks on the engine, I heard an unusual splashing in the water around Kantara's stern. If it were a duck, which would have been most likely, then it would have been a small and frantic duck. But I could see no small, frantic creature, just the ripples it was causing. The animal itself was hidden under the armco and overhanging grass. I went closer, bent over, and was amazed and delighted to be looking into the tiny face of a mole.

I've only seen one other mole, ages ago. This was photo-worthy, but I didn't get the opportunity to go and get my camera. This poor thing was desperate to get out of the water. It was swimming down the armco now, stopping every now and then try to climb its vertical, metal surface. I had to help it. I grabbed a pair of gloves. If it doesn't have loads of sharp teeth, it certainly does have very strong, sharp claws. Donning a glove, I kneeled down at the edge of the water, and bent down towards it. That was enough to frighten the poor thing even more. It turned to face the opposite bank, and swam into the reeds there, disappearing quickly from view. A remarkably good swimmer. I expect it was able to get back onto land from there, so I suppose I did help it in one respect.

Cute, huh?
photo -
photo -
Our return journey to Yelvertoft was just as lovely as the outward. The canal was quiet. We met few boats all day. Two followed us from a distance. It was a joy to be out. 
Back at the marina...
turning in...
swinging left...
crossing to our berth...
and reversing in

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