Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The OTHER Kantara! (real time)

We saw the other NB Kantara twice in our first year on ours. On neither occasion were we able to meet the owners. We've scoured the web, but found no mention of her apart from her entry in the registry of UK boats. Imagine, then, my surprise and delight when David Martindale, a mutual Twitter follower ("Loving reading your book"), contacted me to say he'd found her. On Ebay!
Any potential buyers out there? The advert answered a number of questions we had about her - age, interior layout and appearance, specification. The price sounds a bit high to me, but she's up for auction. I'll be watching.

Some weeks ago, I posted a video on YouTube, a short, speeded-up clip of the first few minutes of our latest cruise. Nothing big or clever, just a bit interesting, I thought. Later that day, we descended Watford Locks, and the dashcam on the front of Kantara captured those 40 minutes, too. This is now posted on my channel, too. 10 minutes of speeding down an iconic flight of locks. You might want to watch out for the Charlie Chaplin antics of a couple of vollies and me!

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