Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ponders End of the day (cruise retrospective)

We set off today to get to Lee Valley Marina, again to get mains electricity there, and to spend the night. We're finding life without our laptops, and with limited smartphone data, to be rather frustrating. This blog is amounting to quite a wad of scribbled paper which I'll have to type up some time!

The birds proclaimed a beautiful day, though it had started with rain. It was noticeably warmer, though, and that was very welcome. So, with smiles on our faces, we set off for the marina. 

Every floating pile of sticks and river debris was a platform for a coot's nest. Two pigeons, being of a species not known for its intellect, were investigating ledges below the high water mark on the inside of a lock gate. Presumably, they had nesting in mind. They certainly didn't have very much else in there.

Clever, amusing Viking boat skeleton in a park
At Ponders End Lock, the sky was very dark, and we were clearly in for some heavy rain. So we pulled over shortly after the lock, and the heavens opened as we were making fast the moorings. We had an early lunch, hoping to be able to carry on afterwards, but that was not to be. The rain is still torrential as I write, over four hours later. I guess we'll stay here the night.
It will surely rain! Soon!
Across the other side of the river from us, a goose is sitting on her eggs in the rain. Preening herself. And getting wet, with no options. It's warm and dry aboard Kantara.
 Views from our windows


  1. Wow! Fab blog & photos! And a lot of great info - like coots nests floating on debris. I would steal a quote from kids, "Who knew - right?" except you knew all about it already!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! So glad you like it. :-D