Sunday, March 06, 2016

Back tomorrow!

A routine blood test on Thursday was our main reason for being here for the whole of last week, having collected Jess from the airport on Saturday. Then there was the mystery leak in a bathroom. And then taking up the vinyl in that bathroom, and finding the floor sodden. And it's Mother's Day today, of course, so we'll soon, all six of us, be sitting down for a family meal. The weather's wonderful (unless you don't like the cold), and we'll be returning to Kantara tomorrow.

Floods permitting, we're planning to visit the Lee and Stort navigations. We'll take five weeks or so over it, I expect. (For those of you not familiar with the map, it's down the green bit, and up the red bit!)
We're getting a dashcam for the car, but we'll be using that on the boat sometimes, too, to make films of our trips. That'll be largely experimental, not a regular habit, but I'll probably post a few time-lapse sequences on the blog from time to time. NB Kryfold Sky does these regularly, and I'm inspired. His YouTube channel is well worth a look.

Well, the sun's gone in, and it's looking like rain. On a positive note, it's dinner-time!


  1. I am supremely jealous and will be dogging your every mile. Have a wonderful trip!

    1. Your time will come, Valerie, I'm sure. You're but a youngster yet! :-) Thank you, we're really looking forward to it.