Monday, March 07, 2016

Back today!

Yesterday was an excellent conclusion to our ten-day return to St Albans. A leisurely, lovely Sunday lunch, all six of us together, lots of laughs and chat. Later, a look at loads of Jess's Iceland photos - really beautiful.

The funny thing is that Grace and I are currently watching "Trapped" on TV, a dramatic murder mystery which obviously features people more than the landscapes that Jess photographed, and makes Icelanders out to be rather strange in a number of ways. Jess concurs. Lovely people, but odd! "Trapped" is a damn good series, though.
And today we returned, with our hearts set on making this the year of cruises. We were greeted by lovely weather, though very cold, of course.

But the stove's alight, the boat is snug and warm, and we're home!


  1. It's been pretty cold here too this last week and we even had snow too. It's getting warmer and sunnier...we are emerging from our holds and doing boat stuff. Lovely!

  2. It's like that here, too. Today has been wonderful, and we're thinking we're not far off setting out on our first cruise!