Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A short stop at Stoke Bruerne

It was good to spend Saturday at Stoke Bruerne. We didn't do much. Housework, computer stuff, looking at canal maps and being a little concerned that it might be difficult to find moorings in London. There are conflicting reports about this, some saying it's always problematic, others saying that it's not a problem this early in the year. We'll just have to wait and see. When Pru and Tim did that trip on the TV, they had to drive on into the night before they could moor at one point. It'd be nice to avoid that!

NB Kristie were moored in the wharf. Their starter motor had broken down, and they wouldn't be able to get it replaced/repaired until Monday. But if you have to break down, Stoke Bruerne's a good place to do it! We saw them that evening, enjoying a meal at The Navigation when we ate there. 

We had a peek inside "Topiary" a shop situated just off the wharf. It's a strange one. Sells gifts, expensive handbags, glassware, ceramics, luxury chocolate. Little or nothing would be of interest to boaters. Their only custom must be weekend visitors, of whom there are many in clement weather. Nonetheless, their goods are rather exclusive. 

The Stoke Bruerne Whippet Walking Society was out in strength. We'd seen them on previous visits. 36 whippets and fewer people strolling through the village and the wharf as far as the tunnel and back. A strange sight.

Sunday morning was overcast, but not so cold as we set off down the Stoke Bruerne Locks. An elderly gent in NB Moondust was going our way, so we shared the locks with him. He was having some problems with his boat, so I did the locks and he stayed at the helm. It was a bit of a slow descent, but we were in no hurry. He stopped at the bottom of the flight for a rest, and we carried on towards Cosgrove Lock, then the outskirts of Milton Keynes.

We moored by Bridge 75, a lovely spot we've used before, up to the north of the town.


  1. Lovely, Roger! I'm enjoying following your meanderings. Do you follow NB Herbie blog? Neil seems to know quite a bit about the position in London. He does volunteering for CRT, so if you want information, he might be a good one to ask.

    1. Thanks, Val! That's useful info - I'll get in touch with him. Glad you're enjoying our trip :-)

  2. Having enjoyed your book recently, I'm now catching up with 2016 events via the blog. And it's just as enjoyable! Just thought I'd mention that you're probably seeing the wonderful Greyhound Friends and Accolade Hounds charities plus supporters in SB. It's a regular walking haunt for retired greyhounds, whippets, lurchers etc under the auspices of these two groups, who do sterling work in raising funds and awareness particularly for greyhounds. They do make quite a sight but are usually impeccably behaved...

    Hope to meet on the cut at some point

    Best wishes


    1. Sarah, I'm so sorry it's taken me a while to reply. You may have gathered we've had electrical and 3G problems. Thanks for the info about the GF & AH charities. I'd never heard of them. It's good to have the rather odd phenomenon explained.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the book - and now the blog!

      We'll be looking out for you on the cut!

      All the best.