Thursday, February 11, 2016

Done deal

It's decided then. Even Grace, who doesn't like to plan much in advance, has agreed to my plan. I've booked our passage through the Liverpool Link on 31st July. After a stay of seven days, we'll have a leisurely trip to Pelsall for the IWA Festival of Water over the Bank Holiday weekend, then saunter back to Yelvertoft. There'll be no hurrying on the outward journey, either, so we reckon we'll be out for about eight or nine weeks. Unless we decide to carry on and not go back to Yelvertoft straight away, of course.

CanalPlan tells us,
"The total distance is 452 miles and 242 locks. There are at least 44 moveable bridges, of which 8 are usually left open; 154 small aqueducts or underbridges and 21 tunnels (including Crick Tunnel (1528 yards long), Braunston Tunnel (2042 yards long), Newbold Tunnel (250 yards long), Harecastle Tunnel (2919 yards long) [see navigational note 2 below], Barnton Tunnel (572 yards long), Saltersford Tunnel (424 yards long), Preston Brook Tunnel (1239 yards long), St Nicholas Place Tunnel, Mann Island Tunnel (96 yards long), Cowley Tunnel (81 yards long), Wolverhampton Tunnel (109 yards long), Factory Tunnel and Curdworth Tunnel (57 yards long)."
Some of those "tunnels" sound rather more like fat bridges, to be honest!

Sandy and Dave on NB San Fairy Anne went to Liverpool last year, and highly recommend it. We're really looking forward to it.


Until then...

Well, it had to happen, didn't it? Because of the rather extreme weather which is prompting many cries of anguish from friends back in the marina, we postponed our return to Kantara. And now that we've committed to a number of endeavours which will keep us here till next week, the weather improves considerably! The sun's out, the sky's very blue. It was the same yesterday, and the forecast says it will continue. So now there's plumbing to be done, serious hedge cutting, a tumble drier to be delivered, and an old one to dispose of.

I wonder how long the weather will hold. At least the wind seems to have past.


  1. We visited Liverpool a couple of weeks ago, its lovely down by the docks. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Look forward to reading about it.

  2. Did you blog that? I missed it! I'll go and have a read next. Of course, it's not very far from you, is it? Thanks, I'm sure we'll have a great time. It'll be well blogged! :-)

  3. Sounds an exciting trip and I look forward to reading your updates

  4. Yes, it's looking good. We're determined to do more cruising this year than last, so there will be other trips before that one, too. We'll be back on the boat soon. Can't wait!