Sunday, February 21, 2016

45 mph

OK, so this is nothing like the extreme winds which parts of the UK have had to endure over the past months, but it's pretty fierce for those of us living on the water. The water itself is pretty choppy, but nothing the boats couldn't handle if we wanted to move. No, it's the effect of the wind itself on our floating homes which is the main thing. Boaters invented Rock & Roll, I assure you!

The video gives you something of an idea of winds gusting in the region of 35 mph. 45 mph is predicted for later today, but there's no way I'm going to go out in that! The poor quality of this video is entirely down to me being buffeted constantly, certainly not my poor camera work. I very nearly fell off the pontoon on two occasions. If you have sound on, you'll get a better idea of the experience!

Twitter's been full of boaters' comments about their experiences. Some are not at all happy.

It's good at night, though. You get rocked to sleep very effectively!

Tomorrow, it'll be far less windy, so they say. But colder again.

Who cares about the cold, though? Our Bubble stove's running at minimum, and we have to have the doors and a window open to stop ourselves from overheating!

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