Sunday, November 08, 2015

It's like being at the seaside

You remember the UK seaside? Foaming waves, howling gales, lashing rain and wheeling, mewing gulls? It's a bit like that here! But without the sand and the tide-borne rubbish. It was similar yesterday, but not quite so extreme. Though it was wetter. And towards the end of the day, there was a beautiful respite.

Though the water was still rather choppy, as you can see.

In Kantara, we're snug. Yesterday ended with an evening of good company with Karen and Darren, good food, good wine, and good fun card games. This morning, a lie-in (unintended!), and battened-down hatches. The Bubble stove is on the lowest setting possible, and the boat's so warm we can have three windows open, and the door onto the well-deck. Warmth and fresh air. Perfect.

And tonight, the last episode of Downton Abbey. Apart from a Christmas Special. Darn!

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